Buzzfeed’s 4 Best Quizzes Published So Far This Month

Confession: I love Buzzfeed. I have seen the majority of their viral videos, including all of their mini-recipe Tasty series. I can name all of the Try-Guys, follow the majority of their most popular featured actors on Twitter, and daydream about what it would be like to be friends with Quinta from time to time.

I also love to hate Buzzfeed. I think I am better than Buzzfeed. I’m an intellectual. I subscribe to the New Yorker. My boyfriend and I debate trickle-down economics for sport. Quizzes? Best-of lists? Memes? Reaction videos?? I could’ve just as easily written a blog post called “7 Reasons Why Buzzfeed is the Worst”, but I didn’t.. I wrote a blog post called “Buzzfeed’s 4 Best Quizzes Published So Far This Month” because I grew up in a time where you could crack open a fresh Teen Vogue and find out if you were a summer or a winter. Do you know what the problem with these quizzes were? You had to wait until next month to take the next quiz and I like my content to be at my fingertips, dammit.

Can You Remember What Food Liz Lemon Is Eating In This Scene?


For those of us that don’t know who Liz Lemon is, go watch all of 30 Rock from start to finish and come back when you’re done. For the rest of us non-cavepeople, when is the last time you actually worked on your night cheese? We need to raise a Cupcake Sandwich to Tina Fey, carbs, and the Buzzfeed staff member that blessed us with this quiz.

Personal results:

You got 7 out of 8 right!


Prove To Us How Well You REALLY Know Your Classic Films By Taking This Simpsons-Inspired Quiz


Umm, excuse me? I audibly squeaked when I read the title of this quiz. Due to some serendipitous events I started watching the Simpsons from the very beginning of the series recently. I’m on Season 6 already. One of the best parts about immersing yourself in the show is feeling hella proud of yourself when you catch a reference. This is the physical manifestation of that feeling.

Personal results:

You got 10 out of 12 right!

You know so much about films you might as well be on the Oscars Committee.

Which Era Of Men Are You Most Attracted To?


I’m pretty sure I don’t need a quiz to tell me this. My ultimate celebrity crush is Gavin Rossdale circa 1995. The quiz was still fun to take. Whatever.

Personal Results:


This One Question Will Guess Which La Croix Flavor You Hate


This one really hit home for me.. mostly because the quiz was incredibly accurate and I wasn’t expecting it to be. Like, woah Buzzfeed! I DO hate Coconut flavored La Croix! Man, doesn’t get more relatable than that, am I right?

Personal Results:



You probably shouldn’t waste your time taking Buzzfeed quizzes, but you’re going to ignore me and do it anyway so I might as well keep telling you which ones to take.


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