The journey begins..

Originally posted: January 2, 2017

It’s 12:46 pm EST. We began our journey today!

I got a bright and early start this morning. (Don’t let me fool you. I set six alarms.) All of my things were ready to go, so I of course left at the last possible minute. My Uber driver that picked me up at my apartment was a very nice old man and put up with me stopping at Starbucks before we arrived at the Megabus station. Five Star rating. Shout-out to Michael.

We all met at 6:30 am at the bus station. After standing around in the cold for a while making uncomfortable small talk about luggage weight, the bus arrived.

After an AWESOME hour delay, we headed off to Chicago. Elyse and I scored the very back of the bus on the upper deck so we got to be spoiled brats and sprawl out. I took a very nice nap.

We’re now somewhere in Indiana. If you haven’t been to Indiana in a while, update: there’s a lot of various crops.

A few thoughts on international travel:

I’m a whiny millennial and it’s all about me. The inconvenience of having to pay to exchange currency boils my blood. I mean, way to go to the companies that are making money off of this. That’s brilliant. Set an egregious conversion rate and slap on a bunch of fees. Foreign exchange counters are the bane of my existence, but I have to give them credit (unintentional pun).

Also, why can’t we all just have the same outlets? I would put money on me most likely shocking myself at some point on this trip. The adapter that I acquired from Walmart so that I can plug my US cords into a UAE outlet looks like a McDonald’s toy.

I now get to look forward to a lot of waiting around and a 14 hour flight. More updates to come!


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