Quick Thought: 3 Things My Parents Taught Me

I have pretty cool incredible parents. They taught me how to drive, how to network, and how to fix anything with duct tape. They, for whatever reason, still like each other very much. I call them both on a daily basis to whine about my tiny, insignificant, twenty-something problems and they still haven’t tried to return me. They work hard and they kick butt.

After a very strung out thought process about how my parents totally didn’t mess up my brother and I (or at least to the point of no return) I decided that the best way to thank them would be to write a blog post about it. Right? ..Right.


I couldn’t find a picture of my parents, so here’s a picture of a cute dog that they fostered recently. Look how happy he is!

1. Don’t do stupid things, at stupid places, with stupid people. This was THE mantra in our household. It probably kept me from hanging out with the wrong crowd in high school, and the reason why I am still terrified of all drugs.

2. It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. I’m about to graduate college, which means I’m tidying up my resume and cover letters so that I can beg recruiters to “please hire me so that I can eat.” I can’t stress this enough: PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL NETWORKS ARE IMPORTANT.

3. “Shut up, Kayla.” Sometimes it’s better just to not say anything at all.


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